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Planetary Health Competencies Curriculum Evaluation

CFMS HEART is excited to share our first assessment of planetary health education at all 17 Canadian Medical Schools!

As summarized below, HEART has created a set of core competencies on planetary health with a goal of incorporating them into all Canadian medical school curricula. To track progress, Canadian medical students and faculty have completed the first national survey of planetary health teaching in undergraduate medical education. This informal survey explored the inclusion and quality of teaching on climate change and environmental topics, and opportunities for student engagement in and out of the classroom. Students and/or faculty from all 17 Canadian medical schools participated in the evaluation. Results show varying coverage of planetary health topics, from minimal to no teaching, to some lecture-, case-, or project-based teaching. Our qualitative analysis is summarized in nine key recommendations for faculty and learners:

The full report can be found here

The summary table of of perceived strengths and areas for improvement in climate change curricula can be found here

A summary of the nine recommendations in French can be found here

We have also published an article in Lancet Planetary Health commenting on planetary health education in Canada!