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Planetary Health Competencies Curriculum Evaluation

**This page has not been updated since 2021. It is in the process of being updated. In the meantime, please contact the 2022-2023 Director of Global Health, Khalidha Nasiri, at [email protected] if you have any questions about the global health portfolio**

There is an urgent need to train medical students to care for patients and communities whose health is increasingly impacted by our climate emergency. However, education at the nexus of climate change and health continues to be underrepresented in Canadian undergraduate medical curricula. In order to track progress from our previous 2019 National Report on Planetary Health Education and to identify leaders in planetary health medical education, student and faculty informants from all 17 Canadian medical schools completed focus groups and surveys between January and March 2021 to assess the state of planetary health education at their medical school.

We are pleased to share the findings from this national re-evaluation of planetary health undergraduate medical education through our CFMS HEART: National Report on Planetary Health Education 2021. The full report can be found in English here and en français here.

Though medical schools across Canada have made progress since 2019, accelerating the integration of planetary health topics into their curricula is critical to equip future physicians to confidently manage the effects of ecological change on the health of our patients and our healthcare systems. Based on our findings, we provide eight new objectives to further guide and encourage medical educators and institutions across Canada to accelerate the incorporation of planetary health education and competencies into undergraduate medical education curricula. 

The executive summary of our eight recommendations from the 2021 national re-evaluation can be found here, and its associated commentary, published in the Canadian Medical Education Journal, can be found here.

The CFMS HEART: National Report on Planetary Health Education 2019 can be found here, and its associated commentary, published in The Lancet Planetary Health, can be found here.                

The summary table of of nine key recommendations for faculty and learners from the 2019 evaluation can be found in English here (and below) and en français here.