Canadian Federation of
Medical Students

Global Health Education

Your National Officer of Global Health Education (NOGHE) is Khalidha Nasiri at the Western University. Contact her at [email protected].

Over the years, there has been an increasing demand for global health education at Canadian medical schools. Many schools have created programming, be it faculty-led or student-led, to account for this growing demand. Some schools, however, have fallen behind in addressing student requests for global health programming for a variety of reasons, including logistic concerns or a small number of global health faculty. The CFMS NOGHE portfolio aims to provide students with resources to supplement their medical education with global health core concepts. These core concepts for Canadian medical students were initially drafted in 2012 and were re-affirmed as well as mapped to CanMEDS roles (found here).

Recently completed and current projects in the NOGHE portfolio:

MDs of Global Health 

Language Toolkits 

Global Health Resources

CFMS Social Medicine Certificate Toolkit

Selected Cases in Global Health

Student Survey of Opinions Surrounding Mandatory Service Learning

‘"What does “Global Health” Mean to You?’ Social Media Campaign

Global Health Mentorship For Canadian Medical Students

Past Archive Initiatives

Summary of Global Health Education at Medical Schools Across Canada