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Residency Interview Resources

One of the most exciting and stressful periods for all of us is during the residency interview tours. We’ve put together some resources on this page to help you with prep. The CFMS is always continually working on resource development with partner organizations and we will continue to post information.

CaRMS Website

CaRMS website has a lot of important information that can help you with your preparation. We’d like to especially highlight this page which outlines applicant rights, interview guidelines and some examples of inappropriate questions. Click here to view the CARMS interview guidelines.

It is important to be aware of these. While the percentage of applicants who report having been asked an inappropriate questions has decreased over the past few years, the latest data from CaRMS still shows that over 8% of students were asked an inappropriate question such as one listed in the link.

Taking a look at each of the program specific pages on the CaRMS website is also recommended for your interview prep at each specific site as they include information on their specific interview format, rules and regulations to be aware of and what they are looking for in a candidate for their program.

Interview Preparation

  1. CMA Mock Interview: CMA hosts mock CARMS interview
  2. U Sask Sample CARMS interview questions
  3. General Tips, RDoC interview
  4. Canadiem: Has blog posts on tips and other resources you may find useful
  5. AAMC: provides tips for residency interview for US applicants which is translatable to CARMS interview
  6. AAMC: Great tip on how to ask questions during interview
  7. Check out the RDoC Residency Profiles
  8. Carms Tips from an R1 in Neurology
  9. University of Saskatchewan Resume Guide
  10. University of Alberta Interview Workshop