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Research 101

The vision of the CFMS Research Committee is to encourage translational research, highlight outstanding research projects and provide the necessary toolbox for future MDs, clinician-scientists and clinician investigators to conduct evidence-based research.

Medical students are in a unique position because of their clinical perspective on patients, disease presentation and the healthcare system. This is why we encourage students to capitalize on their opportunities to conduct research. Research pushes the boundaries of medicine and can provide important information about disease trends, risk factors, outcomes of treatment or public health interventions, patterns of care and healthcare costs and use.

Please browse the resources that the Research Committee has created.

Conflict of Intrest

Research Ethics

Critical Aprisal

Risky Stats

P.I.C.O & P.I.E

Research Ethics: Concent Process

EDI Principles in Research

The Thing about P Values

Effective Presentations

Steps to developing a research question

Scientific Illustration

Scientific Journals

Approaching Literature Search Systematically

Research Funding Opportunities

Canadian Medical Professional Organizations

Research Ethics in Canada

The CFMS Research Portfolio has complied a template pertaining to the research ethics review process. While not comprehensive, this template provides students with an overview of the typical elements examined in a review of ethical considerations for research involving humans. Further, students who wish to conduct a research project in affiliation with the CFMS are asked to complete this form and submit it to the CFMS Board as part of their request.

Download Template Form.