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Research in Medicine Podcast Series

The Research in Medicine Podcast Series (RIMPS) showcases the exceptional clinician-scientists in our schools so that medical students may gain more insight into how research can be incorporated into their future careers.

Podcasts offer an effective medium for information exchange in our increasingly digital lifestyles. They can be easily inserted into the busy lives of medical students who already use digital media for learning, relaxation, and keeping up-to-date.

As such, the RIMPS offer a unique format for exposing CFMS’ members to the variety of ways in which research can manifest within a clinical career. We hope to inspire and foster in medical students a curiosity and appreciation for research in medicine.

About Dr. Biniam Kidane

Dr. Kidane is a thoracic and foregut surgeon at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Surgery for the University of Manitoba College of Medicine.

He received his MD from the University of Toronto, did a residency in general surgery at Western, a residency in thoracic surgery at the U of T, as well as a Master’s in Clinical Epidemiology at McMaster.

Dr. Kidane has published extensively on perioperative care, health services and outcomes research, patient quality of life, as well as oncologic outcomes and health resource utilization. He takes a specific interest in lung protective ventilation during thoracic surgery as well as esophageal cancer.