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National Annual Survey

The CFMS is looking to hear directly from YOU! The CFMS National Annual Survey is an inaugural survey launched by the Education portfolio to survey CFMS members on various aspects of our organization. Completing this survey will allow us to draft a National Annual Report capturing the thoughts, concerns and priorities of medical students across the nation. The CFMS will utilize this report to further advance our advocacy efforts and ensure that medical student issues are prioritized and acted upon.

In completing this survey, you will be eligible for our grand prize of a $250 Amazon Gift Card! Additionally, we will be distributing several $50 gift card prizes per week for students who complete the survey sooner! Lastly, we will also be awarding the Medical Society of the school with the most respondents per capita a prize for having the most engagement - so hop on and complete this survey quickly to maximize your chances of winning both a prize for yourself and your school!

Survey Link

Thank you very much for your time and effort, the CFMS values your voice and hopes to utilize this report to improve the medical student experience for all CFMS members!