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The Canadian Medical Education Journal (CMEJ) is an online open-access peer-reviewed medical education journal. CMEJ examines subject matter relating to the formation, education, and training of health care professionals in Canada and internationally. CMEJ publishes four online issues/year. Although it is focused in Canada, it invites scholars and researchers worldwide to submit their work to the CMEJ. As of January 2020, CMEJ has 2043 registered readers. The issues are archived in PubMed Central (PMC), at the U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM). CMEJ has a five-partner team with advisors and support from across Canada to oversee the business and financial aspects of the CMEJ. There are representatives from the Association of Faculties of Medicine Canada, the Canadian Association for Medical Education, the College of Family Physicians Canada, the Medical Council of Canada, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Canada. The co-chairs are affiliated with AFMC and CAME.

Medical education research in the context of COVID-19

  1. New Section: Works-in-Progress. Medical education research related to COVID-19
  2. A forum of ideas for COVID-19 related medical education research and collaborator contacts on the CMEJ website.
  3. Special Issue on COVID-19 related medical education research
  4. COVID-19 related CMEJ Blogs

Top 5 most cited articles (# citations):

  1. Using script theory to cultivate illness script formation and clinical reasoning in health professions education (49)
    S Lubarsky, V Dory, MC Audétat, E Custers, B Charlin
  2. Resilience, stress, and coping among Canadian medical students (42)
    B Rahimi, M Baetz, R Bowen, L Balbuena
  3. Family physician perceptions of working with LGBTQ patients: physician training needs (40)
    B Beagan, E Fredericks, M Bryson
  4. Learning styles of medical students change along the study program: from ‘thinking and watching’ to ‘thinking and doing’ (39)
    M Bitran, D Zúñiga, N Pedrals, O Padilla, B Mena
  5. Addressing gaps in physician knowledge regarding transgender health and healthcare through medical education (38)
    D McPhail, M Rountree-James, I Whetter

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