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Educational Resources

IMD Health

The IMD Platform is designed for healthcare professionals at every level of care to engage, inform, and visually educate patients, promoting patient-centered care and adherence to treatment plans.

Use IMD Health to:

  • Find trusted content from the experts, all in one place
    • o IMD Health provides access to over 110,000 patient-friendly resources from 100+ trusted health organizations, including Mayo Clinic, Merck Manuals, and Vigilance Santé. Content is up to date, simple to navigate, and quick to send straight to your patient’s inbox.
  • Bring consultations to life
    • Studies show that visual resources make it easier for patients to understand complex health information. Show your patients what they need to know with IMD Health’s library of images, videos, info booklets and more. Simply choose your resources, annotate with our Drawing Tool if desired, then send materials home with patients for later review.
  • Easily implement into your practice
    • IMD Health is responsive to any screen size – computer or mobile – and is simple to implement as a daily patient consultation tool in your clinic.
  • Save time and cut costs
    • o Reduce the need for print-outs and scouring the web for patient materials! IMD Health is always free for healthcare providers and patients, with no hidden fees.
  • Continue your medical education
    • IMD Health is not just for patient education! Unique diagnosis and treatment tools can be found within many of our medical topics, developed by experts in the field. Additionally, we host a variety of CME courses from recognized healthcare associations, both accredited and non.

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Join the expansive network of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and allied health professionals relying on IMD Health to bring their daily consultations to life.

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Brush Education medical titles

Brush Education is a Canadian publisher of high quality medical resources written by Canadian doctors. For more than 10 years, we've helped medical students and physicians achieve success on their licensing exams and expand their professional knowledge with our trusted guides covering a wide variety of specialties.

Eligible Titles

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CFMS members can receive a 20% discount when they order eligible Brush Education medical titles from the University of Toronto Press Distribution website. Just enter the coupon code CFMS20 at checkout to activate your discount.


RxFiles is a Canadian academic detailing program providing objective, comparative drug information to clinicians. It is well known for its drug comparison charts, newsletters, and trial summaries. The focus of the materials is providing answers to drug therapy questions.

RxFiles does not accept any money from the pharmaceutical industry. 98% of clinicians report that RxFiles is valuable and unbiased. RxFiles is used by tens of thousands of clinicians in Canada and around the world. Medical students have been known to say that "These charts are getting me through med school."

Discounts Include:

  • RxFiles PLUS 1-Year Subscription
  • NEW 14th Edition Drug Comparison Charts (Hard Copy)
  • GeriRxFiles-3rd Edition (Hard Copy)
  • "One of Everything" - 14th Edition, Diabetes Minibook

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MedMastery is an outstanding clinical resource that serves as a fast and efficient guide to hundreds of clinically relevant skills through the use of short clips, videos, workshops and modules. Topics include how to read a CT head, essentials of blood gasses, ventilation basics, acid-base balance, PFTs, reading ECGs and more!

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Offer begins Jan 1, 2022

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Ace your clinical rotations and exams with Pathway.

Pathway is a fast, modern and evidence-based study tool and clinical decision support app.

Use Pathway to:

  • Quickly search 350+ high-yield guideline summaries
  • Get case-specific guidance with mobile-friendly interactive pathways
  • Easily assess the evidence quality with visual evidence gradings
  • Consult 400+ landmark trial summaries and see how they’ve shaped modern guidelines
  • Find high-yield information on pathophysiology and evidence-based clinical findings
  • & more

Medical students in 80+ countries use Pathway to:

  • Quickly survey medical topics
  • Easily reach a diagnosis
  • Save time with literature searches and notetaking
  • Prepare for exams
  • Make more confident decisions during clinical rotations

Get a FREE 14-day trial of Pathway, followed by a 30% discount on your subscription if you choose to subscribe.

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Exclusive 30% Pathway Discount

  • Pathway For Students (Regular Price): $79.99 / year
  • Pathway For Students (Discounted Price): $55.99 / year (only $4.76 / month)

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  • Discount will be applied

*iOS only. Coming soon to desktop and Android.

Pharmacology You See

Pharmacology You See is a study aid designed to assist students with exam preparation.

Pharmacology You See highlights the most high yield information for the purpose of exam writing using full colour figures and descriptive adverse drug reaction icons.


  • Pharmacology Basics
  • Antimicrobials
  • Autonomic Nervous System
  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular
  • Central Nervous System
  • Endocrine
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Hematological
  • Immunological
  • Renal
  • Urological
  • Obstetrics/Gynecological
  • Respiratory

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Osmosis Prime

Osmosis is a leading and rapidly growing medical education platform used by more than 1 million current and future health professionals as well as members of the public. Osmosis has the mission to empower the world’s clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible. The Osmosis platform has a growing library of over 8,000 study questions, 15,000 flashcards and 1,200 videos. To learn more, visit video


Discounts for Osmosis Prime Include:

  • 4-year subscription offered at: $359 USD (regular price $598)
  • 2-year subscription offered at: $251 USD (regular price $418)
  • 1-year subscription offered at: $203 USD (regular price $338)

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Lecturio is an all-in-one study resource for medical students that combines learning science and medical education into one easy-to-use platform. You can access a variety of high-yield medical video lectures, take a closer look at the human body with scientifically-accurate 3D anatomy models, test your knowledge and assess your learning progress by answering interactive quiz questions, and prepare for exams using the most advanced question bank available. Even better, all of Lecturio’s exam-style clinical case questions include text and video answer explanations. Visit for more information.

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3D4 Medical Complete Anatomy App

Prepare to increase your anatomy knowledge with the world’s best-selling 3D Anatomy platform. Complete Anatomy by 3D4 Medical is not only an atlas, it is also a collaborative learning tool featuring over 13 000 interactive structures, real time muscle movement, insertion and origin mapping, bony surface and landmark mapping plus Clinical animations on Cardiology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Fitness and much more!

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Enjoy a 30% discount for the first 30 days and 25% discount onwards for Skyscape!

Skyscape’s Medical Library app has the largest library of over 400 trusted medical references in one integrated app - no Wi-Fi needed. Provide the best care to your patients with Skyscape’s patented SmartSearch™ technology you’ll find the right diagnoses, treatment options, and dosages quickly, as well as more accurately, than Google or any other online search engine.

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Enjoy an exclusive discount on a 1-year subscription of Pepid!

PEPID Clinical Rotation Companion (CRC) gives you quick, portable access to all of the resources and tools you need to get you through your rotations - with step-by-step instructions for patient history and physical exams, admission and discharge orders, SOAP notes, thousands of calculators, and more!

Immediately actionable content

  • 2,700+ disease and condition topics
  • 400+ Laboratory tests
  • Bulleted and concise
  • Hi-res images and videos

Evidence-based calculations

  • Over 500+ calculators Anatomic, Conversions, Hematologic, IV Dosing (Regular, Weight-Based, BSA-Based), Metabolic, Pediatric, Renal and Electrolytes, and Scores
  • 3,000+ pre-populated dosing calculators

Unbeatable drug content and tools

  • 40,000+ medications
  • 8,000+ drug monographs
  • Drug Interactions and Allergy Checkers
  • IV Compatibility Checker
  • Differential Diagnosis Checker

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Medelita offers 30% off all of its items including lab coats, scrubs, scrub jackets, tees and stethoscopes. Medelita “elevates and upgrades medical apparel through superior fabric technology, modern and professional design, and the best service you’ll find anywhere.

  • Discount of 30% off all items.
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      Harvard Medical School

      Get $200 off tuition for HMX online courses

      Harvard Medical School’s HMX online courses cover key topics in medicine, including biochemistry, genetics, physiology, immunology, and pharmacology. Each fully online, self-paced course is led by Harvard Medical School faculty and features:

      • Detailed animations and illustrations of key medical concepts
      • Clinical application videos including real patient interactions
      • Ongoing assessments to ensure content mastery (with the opportunity to earn an HMS certificate based on performance)
      • Moderated discussion forums where you can get your questions answered
      • As a special offer for CFMS members, HMX will waive the $35 application fee and offer $200 off course tuition. All prices in USD.

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        The $200 discount applies to standard tuition for any individual course (USD$800) or multi-course bundle (starting at USD$1000 for two courses). HMX also offers a limited number of partial tuition waivers for HMX Fundamentals courses; if granted a waiver, you would receive that rather than the $200 discount (not both).

        The next HMX course period runs June 8-August 20, 2021; the deadline to apply is May 18, 2021.

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 is Canada's largest authorized dealer of Littmann stethoscopes and is happy to partner with CFMS to provide you the best in quality, selection, customer service and amongst the best pricing available in Canada. We will be offering The Canadian Federation of Medical Students, a further 5% discount off your Littmann stethoscope purchase with us (offer is only for Littmann stethoscopes and cannot be combined with other offers). Offer valid until May 1, 2021.

        We will also offer free laser engraving, for your stethoscope and you will be able to purchase a stethoscope carry case at 50% off, with the purchase of a stethoscope. also carries a wide range of diagnostic equipment from Welchallyn and American Diagnostics Corporation.

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