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Medical Officer Training Plan – Canadian Armed Forces

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MOTP Surge

Over the past three years, the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has partnered with the CFMS to advertise the Medical Officer Training Plan Surge (MOTP Surge), which is a collaborative initiative between participating Family Medicine Residency Programs across Canada and the CAF. The initiative provides the opportunity for medical students who remain unmatched after the second round in the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS) to apply for a residency position in Family Medicine and subsidization through the CAF.

The CAF will not be holding an MOTP Surge this year (2020-2021) as a result of the pandemic which has significantly impacted their processing operations. With the decreased capacity to process applicants at their Recruiting Centers along with the CaRMS matches being pushed to the right, there is not enough time and resources to process, enroll and post MOTP applicants within the limited timeframe associated with the MOTP Surge.

The CAF will reassess the situation Nov/Dec 2021 to determine whether they will hold a 2022 MOTP Surge.

"Regular" MOTP

The CAF and CFMS are collaborating again to spread the word about the “regular” MOTP program. This program offers medical students in any year of their undergraduate medical education program at any of the 17 Canadian medical schools to apply for enrolment in the CAF and subsidization under the MOTP.

What are the benefits of enrolling in the CAF under the MOTP?

What do I have to do in return for having my medical education subsidized by the CAF?

What is involved in screening successfully for enrolment in the CAF?

Are there opportunities for further medical training once I am a licensed Medical Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces?

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