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Culture Changers Campaign

CFMS celebrates medical students and physicians who are contributing to a positive learning environment across Canada.

The CFMS Student Mistreatment Task Force is excited to announce our annual Culture Changers Campaign to promote the positive contributions made to medical education each day across Canada! To celebrate the wonderful things happening in medical education across the country and to acknowledge those residents and physicians helping maintain a positive learning environment, our task force will be hosting an annual national advocacy campaign on National Doctors Day - May 1st!

Each Spring, we will be accepting nominations from medical students who would like to acknowledge “Culture Changers” - those residents and physicians who have made lasting impacts on their medical education. Once nominated each resident and physician will receive a commemorative pin in the shape of an apple: a symbol of knowledge and education to celebrate their contribution to medical education. With their permission we will also be promoting their accolade on our social media accounts on May 1st!

Congratulations to the CFMS Culture Changers! These physicians have been nominated by medical students for their contribution to educating medical students across Canada. #CFMSCelebratesCultureChangers #NationalDoctorDay #MedicalEducation