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Global Health Archived Reports and Documents


Major Reports

GHP Handbook 2012-2013

GHP Final Report 2012



Aboriginal Health SWG - Minutes



  1. CFMS Global Health Program September 2009 Report. CFMS Global Health Program, September 2009.
  2. Update: IFMSA August Meeting 2009. Bev Wudel, Global Health Liaison, CFMS, August 2009.
  3. CFMS Global Health Program April 2009 Report. CFMS Global Health Program, April 2009.
  4. Update: IFMSA March Meeting 2009. Brianne Hudson, VP Global Health, CFMS, March 2009.
  5. CFMS Global Health Program Report, January 2009. CFMS Global Health Program, January 2009.


Resource Documents

  1. Preparing Medical Students for Electives in Low-Resources Settings: A Template for National Guidelines for Pre-Departure Training. AFMC Global Health Resource Group and CFMS Global Health Program, May 2008.
  2. Global Health in Canadian Medical Education: Current Practices and Opportunities. Izadnegahdar et al., Academic Medicine, Vol 83, No. 2, February 2008.
  3. Towards a Medical Education Relevant to All: The Case for Global Health in Medical Education. A Report of the Global Health Resource Group of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada, April 2006.
  4. Developing Global Health Curricula: A Guidebook for US Medical Schools. A Collaboration of AMSA, GHEC, IFMSA-USA, and R4WH. 2006.