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Our Team

National Officer of Political Advocacy

,Jessica Froehlich
  • Amna Majeed
  • University of Toronto
  • [email protected]
  • The primary role of the National Officer of Political Action (NOPA) is to lead the CFMS Day of Action, where medical students from across Canada come together to advocate for federal changes to national issues concerning health equity and justice. Responsibilities include leading the Topic Selection Committee to identify relevant issues and select a topic for the year, leading the Research Committee in literature reviews and community consultations to shape the advocacy around the CFMS Day of Action, meeting with parliamentarians to discuss the issues identified, as well as working with the Director of Government Affairs to engage the larger student body in this advocacy work and complete follow-up after meetings with government officials.

National Officer of Health Policy

,David-Dan Nguyen
  • David-Dan Nguyen
  • McGill University
  • [email protected]
  • The National Officer of Health Policy leads the Committee on Health Policy and takes lead on the process for submitting, revising, and approving CFMS position papers and policy documents. They are a valuable part of the Government Affairs Portfolio and assists in helping track and implement recommendations provided within our approved guiding documents. Other responsibilities include updating the position paper and advocacy trackers to make this information available and accessible to the CFMS general membership.

Communications Coordinator

Government Affairs and Advocacy Committee (GAAC) Roundtable

Rapid Response Task Force

  • Task Force Members:
  • Sabreena Moosa (McMaster University)
  • Anne Xuan-Lan Nguyen (McGill University)
  • Andrew Jeong (Western University)
  • Ivneet Garcha (Queen’s University)
  • Donovan Makus (University of Ottawa)
  • Kevin Ma (University of Alberta)
  • Anika Spasov (University of Ottawa)
  • Julia Chai (University of Calgary)
  • Alex Lee (University of Ottawa)

Health and Human Resources Task Force

  • Task Force Members:
  • Haydn Molcak (University of British Columbia)
  • Gopika Punchhi (Western University)
  • Monisha Basu (University of Toronto)
  • Aman Sayal (University of Toronto)
  • Siddiq Moolla (University of Toronto)
  • Brandon Collins (Memorial University)
  • Stuti Tanya (Memorial University)

CFMS National Day of Action Topic Selection Committee

  • Committee Members:
  • Emily Wiesenthal (University of British Columbia)
  • Annie Walters-Shumka (University of British Columbia)
  • Nitish Dhingra (University of Toronto)
  • Feodor Poukhovski-Sheremetyev (University of Ottawa)
  • Jordan Williams-Yuen (University of British Columbia)

CFMS National Day of Action Research Committee

  • Committee Members:
  • Jamila Skinner (Western University)
  • Gali Katznelson (Western University)
  • Sabreena Moosa (McMaster University)
  • Sophie LeBlanc (McGill University)
  • Karim Atassi (McGill University)
  • Montana Hackett (Western University)
  • Gunisha Kalra (Queen’s University)
  • Amna Majeed (University of Toronto)
  • Saman Fouladirad (University of British Columbia)

Committee on Health Policy (COHP)

  • Committee Members:
  • Kelly Wei (University of British Columbia)
  • Daisy Deng (Western University)
  • Cleo Davies-Chalmers (Queen's University)
  • Grace Lin (Queen's University)
  • Zhara Haq (Queen's University)
  • Max Jiang (McMaster University)
  • Robert Dydynsky (McMaster University)
  • Nawazish Naqvi (University of Toronto)
  • Jeeventh Kaur (University of Toronto)