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Our Team

Vice-President Finance

  • Vice-President Finance
  • Anson Lee
  • McGill University
  • [email protected]
  • Anson guides the overall fiscal management of the CFMS, and acts as the Chief Financial Officer. He is responsible for managing the CFMS bank accounts, investments, expenses, revenue, and payroll. He is also actively involved in broadening the financial resource base of the CFMS by seeking alternative sources of revenue through grants, advertising, donations and sponsorship.

Finance Dyad

  • Taylor Heinzlmeir
  • University of Alberta
  • [email protected]
  • The finance attache position assists the Vice-President Finance to ensure fiscal responsibility and accountability of the organization. We work together on the Finance and Human Resource Committee, and coordinate grants to student initiatives. I also chair the President’s Roundtable Meeting.
  • Finance, Audit & Human Resources Committee

  • Kevin Lane (Western) - National Financial Literacy Program Lead
  • Parnian Hosseini (UBC) - National Financial Literacy Program Coordinator
  • Brandon Loshusan (Western) - National Financial Literacy Program Coordinator
  • Arshdeep Judgey (UBC) - Sponsorship Lead
  • Andriy Katyukha (Queen’s)
  • Parker Nann (UBC)
  • Priyanka Singh (Western)
  • Conner Sonke (NOSM)
  • Oliver Buron (McGill)