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Important Points of Contact

Where to Target Your Message

Government Contacts - Federal Level
Here you will find a variety of resources targeted at facilitating political advocacy at a national level. As with any attempt to influence the political process or policy, a multi-pronged and collaborative approach can enhance your ability to effect change. Utilizing provincial resources/collaborators may be one method of achieving this multi-pronged approach. Use links with your provincial associations and lobby your provincial bodies to complement your activities on a national level where appropriate.

Note that this guide is just the beginning. There are many evolving opportunities for intervention and collaboration, so be creative and look for partners in new and innovative places.


Consider contacting other National Health Profession Associations for Broad Based Human Health Resource Strategies (e.g. Canadian Medical Association, Canadian Nurses’ Association, Canadian Psychological Association, etc.)





How to Engage Patient / Community Groups

See below for a list of community agencies and interest groups separated by topic that may be a starting point for collaboration around your issue. This is just the beginning. Collaborating with agencies is a great way to lend support to your issue and get your message across. Many agencies may already be doing work in your area of interest or may be greatly impacted by your issue, which sets the stage for meaningful collaboration.

Prior to contacting an agency, it is beneficial to have an idea of the type of commitment you would be asking of them (e.g. sign petition, join a rally) or the type of collaboration you envision. This will help begin the collaboration process, even if it is negotiated as you go along. Do your research! Look into the organization’s political advocacy profile currently or in the past and look for whether it is consistent with your approach. This may give you an impression to what actions they may be willing to commit.

And remember, you can always volunteer to support the agency’s efforts if you do not have a particular political action plan but still wish to get involved.

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