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CFMS-MD Travel Equity Fund

Each year the CFMS and MD Financial Management allocate funds to provide financial assistance for CFMS member medical students who wish to attend our General Meetings and annual events.

This initiative supports non-elected members to attend CFMS meetings with the goals of fostering greater member awareness of CFMS functions, promoting opportunities in the CFMS, and facilitating increased participation in CFMS activities.

Prior to the 2022-2023 term, the funding was utilized in the form of seven [7] MD Travel Awards per meeting, based on region. The application process was competitive and the CFMS routinely received a far greater number of applications than the number of funded spots available. To better ensure funding is allocated with our core organizational priority of equity at the forefront, the CFMS-MD Travel Equity Fund was established.

This model allocates funding to delegates based on relative costs, outlined by an event-specific variable cost threshold. This ensures attendees are not paying more than others to participate in all the amazing opportunities the CFMS provides, and now ALL of our member institutions can benefit. Moving forward, instead of applying for the travel awards, you can now simply opt-in to automatically be included in the Travel Equity Fund each time you register for one of our events.

This is just one of the ways your CFMS is incorporating tangible, impactful EDI into our organizational practices. See you at our events!,

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