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About the CFMS
The CFMS is an organization representing over 8,000 medical students from 15 Canadian medical student societies from coast to coast. We represent medical students to the public, to the federal government, and to national and international medical organizations.
PRESS RELEASE: CFMS at the International Conference of Physician Health
October 16, 2018


Toronto, ON October 13th, 2018​​ - The Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) is very excited to have had the opportunity to attend and present at the International Conference of Physician Health (ICPH) this past week in Toronto.

Sponsored by the CMA, 25 students leaders from across Canada, including many CFMS members kicked things off with the CMA wellness ambassador pre-conference workshop day on Wednesday October 10th. It was a powerful day of fulsome discussion and collaboration. A major highlight for all participants was the advocacy training componen. We look forward to staying connected with the CMA and the Wellness Ambassadors moving forward.

Thursday the main conference kicked off with an excellent plenary by Dr. Anthony Suchman, which included all 500+ participants singing “Kumbaya”. Dr, Suchman emphasized the need for systems-level change in medicine. The rest of the day was filled with excellent workshops and small-group presentations which we took many important learnings from.

On Friday we had the opportunity to present our innovative work on the development and implementation of the National Wellness Program to a full audience! Our work was very well received and we received awesome feedback and built additional collaborations that will help us further the program. There was also a panel discussion on implementing wellness as a competency in medical education, highlighted by Dr. Debbie Cohen, who gave an impassioned talk highlighting the key of focusing on culture through prioritizing the values of respect, compassion, appreciation and positive emotions.

The conference drew to a close on Saturday with an international panel discussing challenges to systems change. Our CMA president, Dr. Gigi Osler laid out her vision for creating a more positive culture in medicine which included medical training programs that were held to accreditation standards around health and wellness and breaking down all barriers for physician access to health and wellness supports. Her leadership and advocacy on this front is truly inspiring.

ICPH 2018 was an inspiring gathering of leaders in physician wellness. As an organization we gained much knowledge, positive experiences and future collaborations through being a part of the conference. Now to roll up our sleeves and continue to work on building our National Wellness Program; prioritizing further development in our pillars of advocacy, awareness, personal development & resilience and programming. We look forward also to developing

further collaboration with the CMA and Resident Doctors of Canada on wellness initiatives. This work is about you; its about building a positive health-promoting learning and working environment for us and future students.


“ The CFMS is excited to continue working with the Canadian Medical Association and Resident Doctors of Canada to build a continuum of health promoting learning and working environments for students, residents and staff physicians. It is our hope that together we will turn our takeaways from ICPH to continue working on creating a new, more positive, health promoting culture in medicine.”

- Victor Do, Director of Student Affairs and Executive Vice President

“ ICPH was an amazing gathering of passionate leaders who are committed to creating change and promoting wellness. We hope to turn our newfound collaborations, numerous conversations and renewed passion into continued efforts to develop our National Wellness Program and much more.”

- Stephanie Smith, CFMS President

See the CMA statement on physician health [H]( ement-e.pdf?hootPostID=a6a927497f2f25c8a4fbe30eec4ee480)ERE.


Founded in 1977 by Canadian medical students, today 41 years later the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) represents over 8,400 medical students at 15 medical schools across Canada. Under our 2017-2022 Strategic Operations & Human Resources Plan, the CFMS represents medical students to the public, the federal government, and national and international medical organizations. As the national voice of Canadian medical students, the CFMS are tomorrow’s physicians leading for health today with the aim to connect, support, and represent its membership as they learn to serve patients and society.

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Victoria Januszkiewicz, Vice-President Communications

Canadian Federation of Medical Students

Email: [email protected]

Cell: 1-506-461-4683

[PDF Of Press Release: CFMS at the International Conference Physician Health](/Press Release Announcement ICPH f_u-2.pdf)

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