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The CFMS is an organization representing over 8,000 medical students from 15 Canadian medical student societies from coast to coast. We represent medical students to the public, to the federal government, and to national and international medical organizations.
Call for Applications: Indigenous Mental Wellness Summer Studentship
June 03, 2018

A tremendous amount of work and preparation went into the 2018 CFMS National Medical Student Day of Action on Indigenous Mental Wellness. Following the passing of the CFMS position paper entitled, Mental Health and Suicide in Indigenous Communities in Canada, in April 2017, the wheels were set in motion. An extensive effort from medical students across multiple portfolios contributed to the discussions and work in making this advocacy effort possible. A thorough community consultation process was implemented to gather guidance and support from Indigenous community leaders, health experts, and institutional/organizational leads. This year marked a unique shift in our efforts to communicate extensively and build relationships with community and government, in hopes of a strong, meaningful, and respectful effort to exercise our voices as medical students in a position of speaking from our own truths.

The National Medical Student Day of Action on Indigenous Mental Wellness Summer Studentship Opportunity is a means to continue the follow-up work on the topic of Indigenous Mental Wellness that the CFMS identified as a key priority as a longitudinal advocacy effort demonstrating values of sustainability, accountability, and capacity building.

**Details of the summer studentship opportunity: **

$4,000 to be paid to each student for a minimum of 8 weeks of research work commitment, with 35-hour weeks. 1-2 positions will be available, depending on available funding.

Project details:

Location: Toronto, ON

Assistance with the evaluation of a project based on First Nations, Inuit, Metis wellness that integrates physical and mental health through CAMH (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health) in Toronto with outreach across the province. The project is supervised by Dr. Lisa Richardson (Co-Lead Indigenous Health Education at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto), and will be based out of Toronto, ON. Previous cultural safety training and knowledge of protocols for working with Indigenous communities are a major asset. Other required skills include: writing, interviewing and project coordination.

**Application requirements: **

CV and Cover Letter to be sent to Yipeng Ge, CFMS VP Government Affairs at [email protected] by June 8th, 2018 at 11:59pm EST. 

Please send any questions or concerns to Yipeng Ge, at [email protected].

Updated April 10, 2019

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