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About the CFMS
The CFMS is an organization representing over 8,000 medical students from 15 Canadian medical student societies from coast to coast. We represent medical students to the public, to the federal government, and to national and international medical organizations.
Six Things Medical Students Should Question
November 25, 2015

The Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS) and Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec (FMEQ), who together represent all medical students in Canada, today released a list of ‘Six Things Medical Students Should Question’ as part of Choosing Wisely Canada. The list identifies six targeted, evidence-based recommendations that can support conversations about what care is really necessary.

The CFMS/FMEQ list identifies the following six recommendations:

  1. Don’t suggest ordering the most invasive test before considering other less invasive options.
  2. Don’t suggest a test, treatment, or procedure that will not change the patient’s clinical course.
  3. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification on tests, treatments, or procedures that you believe may be ordered inappropriately.
  4. Don’t miss the opportunity to initiate conversations with patients about whether a test, treatment or procedure is necessary.
  5. Don’t suggest ordering tests or performing procedures for the sole purpose of gaining personal clinical experience.
  6. Don’t suggest ordering tests or treatments pre-emptively for the sole purpose of anticipating what your supervisor would want.

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