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What do we do?

The CFMS is actively involved in a number of projects that aim to better serve our members. Visit our Advocacy, Education, Global Health, Student Affairs, and Communications pages to learn more about the exciting initiatives that the CFMS is pursuing. Some of these include:

  • International Exchanges

    Canada participates in a bilateral international exchange program where medical students can undertake clinical electives or research projects in a foreign country for a period of four weeks. You can apply via the CFMS.

    Global Health
  • Residency Matchbook

    The CFMS prepares an annual review of the CaRMS match, to help educate medical students about the Match and assist with career planning.

  • Lobby Day

    Lobby Day is one of the CFMS's signature annual events during which medical students from across the nation come to Parliament Hill in Ottawa to speak with policy makers on an issue of importance.

  • CFMS Wellness

    CFMS recognizes that student wellness is a priority. Visit here for information regarding wellness at your schools!

    Student Affairs
  • Press Releases

    Media Relations for the Canadian Federation of Medical Students