Fédération des étudiants
et des étudiantes en
médecine du Canada

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Residency Matchbook
The CFMS prepares an annual review of the CaRMS match, to help educate medical students about the Match and assist with career planning.
CFMS Annual Review
The CFMS Annual review is a publication that includes summaries of executive members' projects as well as contributions of stories, poetry, art and photography from the general membership.


Visiting Electives Status Board
A reference page on how to apply for visiting electives, and whether they are under a moratorium or not.
Resources from MD Financial Management
Student resources from MD Financial Management, the exclusive financial services partner of the CFMS.
Representative Resources
Resources containing information for CFMS Reps who represent students at their schools.


Health Human Resources Platform
Specialty planning tool
An interactive platform to guide medical students on specialty selection based on both personal interest and social accountability.
Accommodations Database
Students Accommodations Database
Resource to help students find accommodations near their school
Carms Interview Database
Students Carms Interview Database
Resource for familiarizing students with Interviews
Electives Database
Students Electives Database
Resource for familiarizing students with Electives