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CFMS Board Elections

Your candidates for 2022-2023 board elections

Note: VP and Portfolio Director candidates who are not successful in their nomination and have submitted a secondary nomination for a Regional Director Position will be shared with delegations after the morning elections on Saturday April 23, 2022.

Note: Candidates are listed in alphabetical order


  • Montana Hackett
  • Western University
  • Hello Meds! My name is Monty (he/him) and here is what I promise to do as your President.


    CFMS Rep Involvement: Selection, AGM/SGM/NDoA, Accountability…

    Selection: “Meet people where they are” Advertising, Videos, Open Houses, Overview Booklet, Recommended2Apply, Screening, Inclusionary Assessment, Open Application… Roundtable Restructuring: Transparency Strategy Coordinated Dates, West/East Cognizant Timing, Finance/Communication RTs, Inter-Portfolio RTs, Incentivized FGs, Regional THs, Portfolio’s rotate hosting EDIRT, Identity Organizations… Electoral Reform: Elections Accessibility Package (Position Videos, CFMS Fluency Materials, Consulting/Build Platform), Recommended2Run, Tailored Outreach, Nomination/Format…


    “Year of Engagement”: Hybrid Events, Increased In-Person Spots…

    MedSoc Meetings: RD Attendance, President/PDs Semesterly, Financial Transparency…

    Transparency Strategy: Monthly Multimedia Updates, MedSoc Updates, Class Council Outreach…

    “CFMS Launch:” Year Overview, Opportunities, Portfolio Breakdowns, “Benefits" Campaign, Discounts, TheRounds, CFMS Fluency…

    French Translation: Mandated, Staff/External Service, Expand BC…


    Priority #1: Travelling Electives

    The Match: uCMG (Consulting, Post-Unmatched Year, Pre-Match Notification), CaRMS Translations, Application Prep Time-Off, Structured Reference Letters, Supplementary Exams, Applicant Socials…

    Leadership Development: Funding, Skill Building Workshops…

    Additional Priorities: Parents in Medical School, Remediation, Student mistreatment, Combined Degree Equity, Satellite Campuses, Wellness Policy, Accreditation, Curriculum, Admissions…

    HHRDoA: Inter-Portfolio Political Advocacy - Residency Spots


    Systematic Onboarding: CFMS History, Board/Portfolio/Teams/RTs/MedSocs, Consolidated Transition-Reports, Coordinated Transition Schedule, Issue Summaries…

    Accountability Framework: Work Plans (Board/Portfolio/Team/RTs, Trackable S.M.A.R.T. Goals, GM Updates/Consultation), Organizational Slack…

    Staff: Executive Director, Communications Staffer…

    For more information: [email protected] 

  • Link to CV
  • Vice-President of Finance

  • Zack Chuang
  • Western University
  • Hello! I am Zack Chuang (he/him) and I am currently a third year student at Western, running to be your next CFMS VP Finance!

    Prior to medical school, I completed a unique masters that combined elements of science and business management; I particularly excelled at Corporate Finance. Since then, I have put my skills to good use through leadership positions at local, provincial and national levels. In 2020-2021, I served as Sponsorship and Finance Coordinator for the OMSA Wellness Retreat and the CFMS National Officer of Services (NOS). As NOS, I spearheaded the deal with AMBOSS to provide unlimited access to the class of 2021, secured the partnership with Hyundai and signed several other new partners. Most notably, I am finishing my term as VP Finance for the Ontario Medical Students Association (OMSA). During my tenure, I had many accomplishments, including:

    1. 1. Securing a financial sponsorship with TD Bank
    2. 2. Established a new Grants & Awards committee to max grants more standardized, equitable and to provide critical feedback to applicants
    3. 3. Revamped the existing grant to better align with student needs and to include EDI principles

    Now, I hope to take my partnership and grants experience to improve grants at the CFMS and develop new grant opportunities, with the goal of benefitting all Canadian med students. I also plan to continue the great work of divesting carbon-heavy equity and going further, by ensuring that our organizations invests in companies that are also socially responsible.

  • Link to CV
  • Director of Education

  • Helen Jin
  • Western University
  • Hello everyone,

    My name is Helen, from Western University, and I’m running to be your Director of Education. Academic enhancement and curriculum development is a tremendous passion of mine and I hope to bring my skills and experiences to this role. Over the past year, I served as my class’s Academic Director on Student Council, where I acted as the primary liaison between students, faculty, and administration for all things education-related. In this role, I developed educational resources and advocated for more inclusivity in our curriculum, drawing attention to content affected by implicit biases. I am also a member of Western’s Curriculum Committee where, over the past few months, I’ve helped to design and implement a new weekly class schedule more amenable to student flexibility and consistency across pre-clerkship years. Finally, as part of the Ontario Medical Students Association (OMSA)'s Education Services Committee, I am helping to craft the Incoming Student Handbook and a clerkship guide for the Care of Special Populations.

    As Director of Education, I will prioritize:

    1. 1. Developing and incorporating Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity, and Decolonization (EDID) standards into the Canadian medical curriculum.
    2. 2. Building upon existing resources to support students during major transition periods: starting medical school, transition to clerkship, and transition to residency.
    3. 3. Creating more channels by which students can receive scholarships and grants to enable their extracurricular pursuits.
  • Most importantly, if elected, I commit to furthering the work Neha and Victoria started this year and supporting the continued development of this newly restructured portfolio.

  • Link to CV
  • Danielle Judd
  • University of Manitoba
  • Hello fellow medical students! For those I haven’t had the pleasure of interacting with yet, my name is Danielle Judd (she/her) – your current VP Communications – and this year I am running to be your Director of Education!

    I have spent the last two-years getting involved in local and national student leadership and advocacy around Medical Education (as seen in my CV) and have a broad perspective on the multitude and depth of the issues impacting our medical learners. I have developed important skills in advocacy and leadership and have insight into both the historical context of many issues and possible solutions. Below are the Cliffs notes of some key areas of advocacy and solutions which I promise to undertake as Director of Education – please reach out if you want to chat! [email protected]


    1. Visiting Electives: Must return for C2024
      1. AFMC Portal Advocacy
      2. Program Director concerns
      3. Urgent timeline for equity
      4. Collaboration with ART
    2. The Match: concern re: increased number of unmatched Canadian Medical Graduates, translations, decrease stigma
      1. Review ethics exams
      2. Translation advocacy
      3. Political Advocacy
      4. Unmatched student resources
      5. Support for C2023
    3. Curriculum/ UGME: EDI, wellness, remediation
      1. Space for school collaboration
      2. Collaboration with Student Affairs
      3. Mixed RT meetings (EDI-RT + ART, WRT + ART)
    4. Early Exposure: mentorship, match preparedness
      1. Continue to grow mentorship events
      2. Promotion of guides to medical school/ what programs are looking for
    5. Admissions: EDI, Health Human Resources strategy
      1. Redevelop taskforce
  • Link to CV
  • Ella Sahlas
  • McGill University
  • My name is Ella, and I am a first-year medical student at McGill. I completed a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience before entering the MD-PhD program. Over time, I grew increasingly passionate about brain research, education, and building community around sport. As a charity marathon runner, a teaching assistant for science and anatomy courses, and an aspiring clinician-scientist, I am enthusiastic in leveraging collaboration to create safe and dynamic team environments.

    My keen interest in serving as Director of Education for the CFMS is informed by my motivation to use my skillset to advance the Education portfolio and advocate for the diverse needs of medical students across Canada. 1. In this role, I would effectively connect national officers, board members, and external partners by preparing timely updates and reports. I would develop medical education projects in partnership with existing working groups. 2. I would be methodical in setting strategic goals, follow through with their implementation, and actively support the Research Committee. 3. I would voice the opinions of the CFMS and its members on medical education topics.

    I would bring to the CFMS four years of experience working as a student leader in organizations including the Canadian Association of Women Clinician Investigator Trainees, McGill Student Interest Group in Neurology and Neurosurgery, McGill Students’ Running Club, and Neuroscience Undergraduates of McGill. These experiences equip me with the motivational, organizational, and communication skills required to fulfil the responsibilities of Director of Education, a role that I would take on with great enthusiasm.

  • Link to CV
  • Director of Global Health

  • Khalidha Nasiri
  • Western University
  • Khalidha is a third-year medical student. She is passionate about global health and equity, has experience and familiarity with the CFMS global health portfolio, and has strong organizational leadership skills. A daughter of refugees from Afghanistan, Khalidha is a community organizer with a track record of building grassroots movements that highlight the voices of underserved populations. She has been involved with the CFMS since her first year of medical school as a member of the Global Health Education Committee and delegate at the National Day of Action, then in her second year as National Officer of Global Health Education. She is an epidemiologist with an interest in global health equity research and has interned at the World Health Organization.

    Khalidha believes that the CFMS can be an effective voice for advocacy and systemic change in our medical system. As Director of Global Health, portfolio members, from local officers to national officers, can rely on her to be responsive to their needs and champion the voices of members from underrepresented groups. Her platform has three pillars:

    1. 1. Empowerment: Empower local officers, global health liaisons, and national officers – the backbone of the global health portfolio – through engagement, opportunities, funding, and cross-portfolio partnerships.
    2. 2. Culture: Ensure that EDI is incorporated in the CFMS’ work, from organizational culture to policy.
    3. 3. Transformation: Create an environment that transforms recruitment, onboarding, and functioning into a seamless process, such that members feel equipped with the tools to succeed in their roles from day one
  • Link to CV
  • Lauren Wong
  • University of Alberta
  • Dear CFMS members,

    My name is Lauren Wong and I am a C2025 at UAlberta. I am running to be the next Director of Global Health. My interest in global health stems from my travels abroad and firsthand experience working with Indigenous and underprivileged populations. Being exposed to different cultures, traditions, and people have significantly shaped my worldview and daily interactions. I think it is incredibly valuable for future physicians to experience health-related opportunities on a national and international level and learn from diverse populations. My goal is to increase accessibility of global health opportunities and encourage students to learn and share with peers.

    For the past few months, I have been one of the co-national officers of Partnerships under the CFMS Global Health portfolio. Through this role I have worked closely with other members of the portfolio and have developed a strong understanding of the subcommittees under Global Health and the responsibilities of the Director. I am inspired by the action of our current team under an anti-oppression lens and want to continue supporting and promoting work centered around equity, diversity and inclusion. Through attending international meetings and having discussions with delegates, it is clear there is so much potential to learn and share between countries. Whether through more intercountry collaborative events or reinitiating exchanges, I will work to strengthen CFMS’s international connections to give students new and engaging opportunities to fill the gaps in their education relating to global health.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Lauren Wong

  • Link to CV
  • Director of Government Affairs

  • Mohammad Moeid Elahi
  • University of British Columbia
  • Hello everyone! My name is Mohammad Moeid Elahi and I am first year medical students at UBC. I finished my MASc in aerospace engineering and worked for a few years in the industry on some cool projects (satellites, space robots, jet engines, etc.) mainly around Toronto area before deciding to change the trajectory of my life. I am a huge soccer fan, although haven't played much since the pandemic started. I do some DIY stuff on the side and casually read too. I hope to learn French and Fishing and do more hiking.

    Throughout my previous work experience, I have gained significant experience in working with multiple stakeholders and being involved in projects of different sizes and scope. I believe my experiences can make me a good fit as an advocator for the common concerns shared between medical students across Canada. I am looking forward to work for each and everyone of your concerns and together create a path to a more pleasant career for all of us, both in medical school and beyond.

  • Link to CV
  • Amna Majeed
  • University of Toronto
  • My name is Amna (she/her) and I am a medical student at the University of Toronto. As medical students, we are afforded immense privilege to advocate on behalf of our patients and the general population. As the DoGA, it is my goal to further build upon the CFMS’s capacity as an advocacy and lobbying organization.

    My platform is divided into two primary segments

      1. Political advocacy engagement within the Portfolio. This section is multifold and includes initiatives such as the:

      1. 1. Creation of an independent student-centered Day of Action that advocates for relevant topics to medical students (e.g., the number of Canadian residency spots)
      2. 2. Continuation of previous NDoA initiatives through Task Forces that examine previous advocacy topics, connect with MPs, community and grassroots organizations, and people with lived experiences to further advocacy work
      3. 3. Better utilization of existing position papers through identifying missing gaps within previous advocacy work, and ensuring organizational accountability as it concerns policy paper implications and recommendations
    1. 2. Increased collaboration amongst existing portfolios. To tackle the issue of siloed portfolios, this resource will detail all current working groups/teams within the CFMS and highlight their existing projects and stages to form meaningful partnerships

    I have previously worked within the Government Affairs team as the National Officer of Political Action and a general member and have extensive insight into the management of this team. I am confident in my abilities, and hope to run this portfolio in a way that is transparent, safe, and inclusive.

  • Link to CV
  • Director of Student Affairs

  • Sara Abdessamie
  • McGill University
  • My name is Sara Abdessamie and I am a first year medical student at McGill University, situated on the traditional territory of the Kanien'kehà:ka. I am running to become the next director of Student Affairs within the CFMS board. As the current Quebec Regional Director, I have had the chance to represent and advocate for the medical students in Quebec at the national level. Since the start of my mandate in January, I have been the liaison between the CFMS and the FMEQ. I worked on providing resources in both official languages to unmatched students and advocated for additional support services for francophone students. Through my experience, I have learned so much about the federation and the various portfolios, including the student affairs portfolio. As director of Student Affairs, I hope to gain your trust in order to advocate for the wellness of all medical students across the country. As a strong advocate for mental health, I hope to work closely with the rest of the board members to assess the mental health and wellness services/accommodation in each school. In this new role, I also plan to strengthen the relationship between the CFMS and our partners and eventually seek out new partnerships to offer additional benefits/discounts to our students.

    Thank you for considering me as your next director of student affairs, for additional information on my experience, I have attached my CV to this application. Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions. Merci beaucoup!

  • Link to CV
  • Emily Macphail
  • University of Calgary
  • Dear CFMS delegates,

    I am a University of Calgary MD/PhD. student (currently in clerkship). I’ve previously been involved with CFMS, including as a past National Officer of Wellness, Western Regional Representative, and Wellness Roundtable member, and I’d be honoured to serve you this year. If elected as your Director Student Affairs, I aim to work with the Student Affairs team and Board on the following priorities:


      1. Collaborate with national organizations who represent specific and diverse medical student groups (including, not limited to, the BMSAC, CAPD, CQMSA, IMSAC, and MMAC), to identify and address areas of need with respect to advocacy, change, and support.

      2. Improve mentorship and physician interaction opportunities for students (particularly in diverse areas of similarity – e.g. parenthood, illness/disability, specialty interest, etc.), with an emphasis on creating safe connections and decreasing variability in student access to information and support.


      1. •Advocate for local and national policies that recognize differences in students’ situations and resources, and support equitable access to learning, extracurricular, and career opportunities.

      2. •Ensure that CFMS is cognizant of the different ways that students may be impacted by changes around virtual-vs-in-person events/requirements, and advocate accordingly


      1. •Improve CFMS services and discounts, with an awareness of variability in student budgets and resources.

      2. Pursue discounts for time burden-reducing services (e.g. meal prep, cleaning, etc.).

      3. •Work with the AFMC and schools to develop national and local policies for response to student deaths (regardless of cause), alongside a CFMS-specific response policy.

    4. Thank you for your time and consideration!

  • Link to CV
  • Atlantic Regional Director

  • Ali Abidali
  • Dalhousie University
  • Hello all! My name is Ali Abidali, I am currently an MD student at Dalhousie University and I am running for Atlantic Regional Director. As I will be representing all the medical students in the Atlantic provinces, having experience with advocacy is important. My work with Nova Hope, an organization dedicated to helping those without safe housing within Nova Scotia, has strengthened my passion for advocacy and understanding its importance. Getting to know students both personally and professionally, learning about their perspectives, and building strong connections, is my priority. I want my actions to show that I stand in unity with the community I represent.

    My role as class president during my undergrad has also prepared me well for the role of Atlantic Regional Director. This position entails being the liaison for Atlantic Canada, a skill that I have developed well during my time leading my executive team as president. My main areas of focus were on communication and education. This is what I will continue to do, as having transparency with the information that is given to students is critical in addressing the issues at hand. As well, the racial and social inequities within the community of medical students should be focused on directly within the medical curriculum and I will actively work to pursue that goal.

    Lastly, with my incredible passion about bettering our medical education experience, I hope you all considered me for the role as Atlantic Regional Director!

  • Link to CV
  • Francisca Annan
  • Dalhousie University
  • My name is Francisca Annan, and I am nearing the end of my first year at Dalhousie University Medical School. I am running to be your Atlantic Regional Director for the 2022-2023 term. I have lived in Nova Scotia for most of my life, but spent my earliest years in Ghana, weaving between palm trees under the West African sun. Since immigrating to Canada, I have grown to love the East Coast dearly, and have had the opportunity to give back to my community by occupying numerous leadership roles, from Girl Guides unit leader to ACIC Youth Ambassador to society president and most recently, as GHL Jr. at Dalhousie’s Nova Scotia campus.

    As a medical learner, I am continuously inspired by all the work my fellow MD candidates are doing within in their communities, across the country and beyond. As Atlantic Regional Director, I would hope to strengthen the relationship that the schools in the Atlantic Region have with one another, as well as our relationship with the organization at large. In recent years, especially given the unprecedented times we find ourselves in, I recognize that we each face unique challenges as we progress on our journeys as medical learners. I sincerely believe that we are stronger and better when we ae able to work together and support one another. It would be an honour to facilitate communication, connection and understanding as part of the CFMS in the role of Atlantic Regional Director. Thank you for your consideration!

  • Link to CV
  • Donovan Cassidy-Nolan
  • Dalhousie University
  • In grade 11, I received a life-changing scholarship to study in a “global village” in Germany. I arrived in 2015, amidst the European Refugee Crisis; the newcomers’ stories of survival and resilience shaped my decision to enter medicine. If elected Atlantic Regional Director, I would foreground the diverse strengths of Atlantic Canada: diversity which includes our Indigenous and Acadian peoples, but equally our newcomers, who bring evermore vitality to our region.

    To contribute meaningfully as regional director, I would draw on my experience bringing people together to make positive change in our communities. For example, I led a campuswide mental health initiative, the Princeton Perspective Project, for three years during my undergraduate degree. As coordinator, I brought students together to learn about resilience in the face of difficult academic and life challenges.

    Further, I have served in a leadership capacity in music service groups, starting in Germany, where – with the help of an amazing team – I was able to organize performances in care homes and refugee centers, despite my limited German. While in university, I helped organize orchestra rehearsals for underserved youth who otherwise may not have had the opportunity. Finally, back home in NS I worked on initiatives to bring music therapy into long-term care (pre-COVID). During COVID, I helped facilitate virtual “memory cafes” to connect to those with dementia in an isolating time. I believe my work ethic and my 7-year experience connecting diverse groups of people will make me an effective regional director.

  • Link to CV
  • Ali Sherazi
  • Dalhousie University
  • My name is Ali Sherazi and I am currently a first year student at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick. I grew up in Ontario but have lived in New Brunswick for several years. What I love most about the Atlantic region is the close-knit environment and how everyone here is so welcoming! Through my first year, I have been fortunate to be involved in several collaborative experiences including being a member in the CFMS Global Partnerships committee.

    I applied for the Atlantic Regional Director position because I am excited by the potential to transform this role. I also hope that I can help the Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick satellite campus be better represented as part of the Atlantic school portfolio.

    One area that I am especially passionate about is helping facilitate strong relationships between Atlantic medical schools. I feel that I can achieve this goal by leading initiatives that will foster collaboration between students from member schools. One example of this that I have recently been involved in is the development of an initiative known as Med SimuLabs between Memorial Medicine and Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick. Students from both schools are working together to help improve medical education through the use of surgical simulation toolboxes. Through working with Atlantic member school societies/councils, representatives, and students, I strongly believe that I can help facilitate the creation of other similar inter-school collaborations.

    I am hopeful that I will be able to excel in the Atlantic Regional Director position.

  • Link to CV
  • Quebec Regional Director

  • Rushali Gandhi
  • McGill University
  • Hello everyone! My name is Rushali Gandhi and I am running to be your Quebec Regional Director for the 2022-2023 school year. Before I speak about my platform, here is a little bit about me. I was raised in Ottawa, ON and completed my undergraduate degree at McGill in Neuroscience.

    As Quebec Regional Director, I will be responsible for representing medical students in Quebec and working as a liaison between the CFMS and FMEQ. I will be representing various stakeholder committees, including the bilingual committee. My platform consists of three main goals:

    1. Transparency and Communication: As a representative of the CFMS, I will communicate all pertinent information to medical students promptly and with transparency. In addition, I will drive a two-way communication between the Quebec medical students and the CFMS by addressing concerns on behalf of the student body.

    2. Accountability: I have worked with and have sat on several committees and organizations during my undergraduate and medical degrees. I understand the effort and energy that goes into to providing resources, planning events, and having a cohesive organization. I am someone who is approachable and someone you can count on!

    3. Passion to promote diversity and address inequities: I have worked on many multicultural societies and organizations to educate others of different cultures. I am also driven to reduce gender inequalities. The decisions I make as a CFMS representative will be rooted in these values.

  • Link to CV
  • Ontario Regional Director

  • Kiruthika Baskaran
  • University of Toronto
  • I am a current 4th year student at UofT that recently went unmatched from the CaRMS 2022 match process which is what spurred this interest in this position as a way to advocate for the issue of unmatched students. This was not a reality I had imagined for myself so I was very shocked at the result but what I found the most special was the response and support I received from former or fellow unmatched grads. I was pleasantly surprised by how supportive this community has been since I found out and how invested strangers, that I have only connected with through this process, have been in my future success.

    Moving forward, I want to advocate on a regional and national level to improve transparency for future applicants and advocate for more supports for unmatched grads. I have a special interest in DEI work in this area and as a person of color and want to advocate for more support for diversity of applicants in residency application process and for programs to specifically make that a priority in their review process.

    Connecting with Victoria from the CFMS I have realized how powerful the student body can be in demanding change in archaic structures and policies and I want to continue to push forward this agenda so we can have meaningful change in the resident matching process. I hope we can work towards a reality where all medical students come out of this process confident and satisfied in their match.

  • Link to CV
  • Arjan Dhoot
  • University of Toronto
  • Dear CFMS General Assembly,

    My name is Arjan Dhoot and I’m a medical student from the University of Toronto. This year, I applied to CaRMS, but did not receive any residency interviews. I was left unmatched 2 months before Match Day. When this happened, I decided to take an extra year of medical school to be an advocate and leader for future unmatched students. After reviewing the 2017 CFMS position paper regarding support for unmatched students, I plan to uphold the recommendations in this policy to ensure that all CMGs that want to join a residency training program will have a chance to do so. As an Ontario Regional Director, I plan to use my unique position at the National and Provincial levels to ensure that unmatched CMGs are supported. In addition to working with unmatched CMGs, I’m interested in supporting the CFMS Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) recommendations, as outlined in the 2020 CFMS position paper. I want to ensure that EDI is considered during the medical school and residency admissions processes and formal EDI training is incorporated into the training of medical students. I hope to strengthen the ongoing work of the CFMS in Indigenous health and relations, such that all CMGs are adequately prepared to manage the unique medical needs of this population.

    Thank you for considering my application for the ORD position. I kindly request that this is letter is kept confidential and is only shared with stakeholders of the CFMS General Assembly.



  • Link to CV
  • Western Regional Director

  • Cindy Kalenga
  • University of Calgary
  • Hello All! My name is Cindy Kalenga and I running for the position of Western Regional Director. I’m a current MD/PhD student at the University of Calgary (C2024) with extensive experience advocating for students as part of national programs. During the graduate portion of my degree, I led the Sex and Gender National Trainee Network within the Canadian Institute of Health Research. This gave me experience working with medical students across Canada to advance important initiatives. I plan to apply the skills I’ve developed and focus on the following objectives during my term:

    1. Represent the interests of medical students at the Western Dean’s Meeting. Solicit the priorities of various medical student associations to implement actional changes and develop region wide social events.
    2. Advocate for equitable return to visiting electives and ensure CaRMS applications consider pandemic-related challenges.
    3. Commit to advance the Calls to Action and establish an anti-racist culture within CFMS and medical students at large. Foster a safe and respectful culture to facilitate the success of an EDI Network.
    4. Support of research initiatives by medical students and facilitate networking across the country, including representation at AFMC’s International Congress on Academic Medicine.
    5. Develop a Wellness taskforce to support the mental health of students since the pandemic.

    In summary, I’m committed to representing the diverse needs of students across Canada and the unique needs and challenges of those within the Western region. I aim to promote unity and cohesiveness and foster lasting trust in the CFMS.

  • Link to CV
  • Alvin Qiu
  • University of British Columbia
  • My name is Alvin! I’m originally from Toronto, I completed my undergrad at McGill, and I’m currently a 6th-year MD/PhD student at UBC. I first became involved with the CFMS as a member of the Academic Roundtable, where I worked alongside the VP Academics from all the MedSocs across the country. I was also a member on a couple wellness committees within the Student Affairs portfolio. Over the past year, I served as one of the Western Regional Directors on the CFMS Board. I had the privilege to engage with Roundtable members and Class Advisory Group members to collect student feedback and concerns, and raise these issues with our relevant external partners (such as Royal College, CMA, AFMC). In addition, following the resignation of previous Board members, I helped fill the interim role as VP Communications and supported the Education portfolio. For the following year, I have a number of overarching visions for this role: 1) Medical education (ex. exploring the possibility of hybrid learning or return to visiting electives in an equitable manner as we continue to navigate through the pandemic); 2) Connectivity (ex. engaging with schools in the Western region and bringing together a list of “asks” for the upcoming Western Deans’ Conference hosted by UBC UGME Deans; 3) Student wellness (ex. safe space sessions or opportunities to debrief for CFMS volunteers to mitigate burnout related to CFMS roles and responsibilities). I hope you will consider re-electing me for the role of Western Regional Director!

  • Link to CV
  • Director of Indigenous Health

  • Daniel R. Chow
  • McGill University
  • ​​Daniel Chow is an incoming first-year student in the MDCM program at McGill University. He earned a dual BCL/JD degree from the University of Ottawa prior to beginning his medical studies. His legal studies, combined with his work at one of Canada's largest medical-law firms, have given him a unique perspective on the health and social challenges that impact indigenous peoples. Calm and reserved by nature, if he is not in the library, he is likely to be at home, cooking up a new recipe, or playing with his beloved puppy Rex.

    Throughout his schooling, Daniel has been heavily involved in a variety of community activities. His pro bono work with a various grassroot organisations earned him multiple nominations for the Richard Wagner Award for Engagement in Access to Justice. Daniel has also served in a variety of institutional leadership roles as a volunteer, both at hospitals and health-related research centres. This experience has allowed him to better understand issues relating to mental health and personal well-being, as well as current events linked to values that he holds dear. When he was a senator at the University of Ottawa and in a senior role with the Canadian Bar Association, he put his experiences into practise. His work in these two roles has always encouraged him to prioritise issues that are important to him, such as the health of indigenous peoples and marginalised peoples. In applying to the current director role, he hopes to continue his efforts at a national level.

  • Link to CV